Monthly Archives: July 2014

HOW asks WHY?

H.O.W. Magazine wanted to know the reasons WHY I started the Life Once Removed Project, and I gave it to them, plus dug a little deeper into the bigger WHYS we all are in this together. See for yourself.

1. How did your project “Life Once Removed” come about?
The pressure to conform sent me over the edge. I had just about enough of virtually everyone I spoke to, asking me why “such a nice girl“ wasn’t […]

Tried Being a Bride

Who would do such a thing? Spend months planning a picture perfect wedding, only to leave her Groom, cold, on the steps of the altar, after a speech announcing to the congregation why she did it.
That Girl was me.

It was actually a Renewal of the Vows. Chauncey and I had been together for 14 years. We’d already shared over a decade taking satirical photographs with our imitation daughter. But I’d grown tired of him while […]