2204, 2022

Dutch Exhibition

JUNE 07.2022 8PM New European exhibition and talk at the Cultuurhuis ‘de Garenspinnerij’ in Gouda.

There will also be several works by Bram Tackenburg, and Jos van der Biezen, as well as discussion from all, including the new director of Museum Gouda, Femke Haijtema.

1307, 2020

Film Fest Virtual Screening

on-line at the Virtual Salem Film Festival, July 17-23, 2020.


Suzanne Heintz, a ‘loud-mouthed’ girl from Yonkers, embarks on a strange and entertaining 15-year global photographic crusade to challenge persisting stereotypes about women’s roles and lives. With her provocative eye, sharp sense of humor, and feminist’s soul, she creates glamorous portraits of mid-20th century domestic bliss by placing herself at the center of scenes where she is the perfect wife and mother of a meticulously dressed […]

503, 2015


If you are in the Denver area, please attend my solo exhibition at the Firehouse Art Gallery, February 25-March 29.
There will be two Receptions, March 6th: THE VOWS Sneak Preview, and March 13th: Artist’s Reception.

In addition, THE VOWS will be premiering at the Women+Film VOICES Film Festival on March 19th and 22nd.

2512, 2014

A Single Girl’s Guide To Holiday Shopping

What’s worse than Holiday shopping? Holiday shopping as a single woman.

Shopping in December, hellish as it can be, why do we do it? What’s really going on when you head to the mall? Shopping is analogous to active enrollment in the biggest ritual of social expectations there is, The Holidays. And if you’re single, holiday shopping can do a real number on you.

Here’s a single girl’s insight on what’s really at play, and how to […]

2807, 2014

HOW asks WHY?

H.O.W. Magazine wanted to know the reasons WHY I started the Life Once Removed Project, and I gave it to them, plus dug a little deeper into the bigger WHYS we all are in this together. See for yourself.

1. How did your project “Life Once Removed” come about?
The pressure to conform sent me over the edge. I had just about enough of virtually everyone I spoke to, asking me why “such a nice girl“ wasn’t […]

2807, 2014

Tried Being a Bride

Who would do such a thing? Spend months planning a picture perfect wedding, only to leave her Groom, cold, on the steps of the altar, after a speech announcing to the congregation why she did it.
That Girl was me.

It was actually a Renewal of the Vows. Chauncey and I had been together for 14 years. We’d already shared over a decade taking satirical photographs with our imitation daughter. But I’d grown tired of him while […]

2102, 2014

Love is in the Air

As you may know, this project took an unexpected turn after 3 trying weeks of “Family Travel” in Paris.  Carting the Familyquins around in a foreign city that did not offer mannequin-friendly transportation, truly wore on me. I had bruises everywhere. I had worn out my welcome with friends and well wishers. I was more than sick and tired of my “family.”

I had spent all day on the last day in Paris, carefully wrapping them […]